Geographical profiling, insurance data, verified ownership.

Powered by insurance claim data, retailer matrices and gemmological laboratories.


Rich Data Collection

With layered demographic and psychographic data, Palladin gives unprecedented data mining power and access to validation, ownership registers, market research and insurance loss data alongside sales and technical data.

Secure Encryption

With multiple levels of encryption, our data is stored in secure data centers and individual identities are protected by our anonymised analytics, which let you maximize the benefits of huge data pools while still satisfying privacy requirements.

Verified Ownership

Palladin integrates with third party data warehouses to store and access transactional history, valuations and ownership certificates to track provenance and monitor fraudulent activity in a robust and accessible way.

Investigative Analytics

Palladin specialises in aggregating and analysing data from disparate systems and different mediums including text and photo into queryable data sets to support legal investigations, verify ownership and strengthen proactive monitoring of fraudulent activity.

Alert Profiles

Palladin's unique and powerful alert system allows users to define their areas of interest and enable search fields to create profiles for items, claim types and locations which are scanned daily. Any new matches which meet the profile’s criteria are added to the ‘profile set’ and alerts are generated.

Anonymised Data

Palladin facilitates the sharing of data between parties, allowing collaborative work while still providing a data privacy and security guarantee. With lockable, anonymised, and hidden fields, search queries retrieve only the relevant and obscured data, denying all users access to the full data set.

How It Works

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A Wealth of Information

Palladin works in tandem with existing business processes to facilitate quicker and enhanced advisory on insurance fraud and market trends. Providing a wide range of raw data, fundamentals, geographic profiling, advanced charting, sophisticated analytical tools and real-time monitoring in a single workspace.

With data collected from insurance companies, law enforcement, data warehouses and retailers, the Palladin platform is designed to create full and enriched queryable data sets - not only for one user but for the benefit of the industry.

Protected Data Sets

Palladin is the new way to share data without ever giving it away. Lockable and hidden fields provide the perfect way to query data sets without revealing sensitive information and still benchmarking against the rest of the industry.

Properly de-identified, unlinked data sets are maintained by Palladin under Australian privacy law. Palladin hands the power back to the data contributors, allowed them full control of the fields they expose and those they protect according to their organisation privacy requirements.

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Interactive Monitoring

Providing flexible self-management tools enabling the customisation and filtering of desired content through intraday reports and notifications, users can quickly assess the operational impact of fraudulent actions, and take immediate actions to mitigate the risk.

Create and monitor specific areas of interest through risk portfolios to take advantage of event driven updates and new data sets.